FREE Sexy Romantic Fire Wood!!!!!!!!!

I have lots of free scrap wood available. This is mostly wood that breaks off of wooden pallets. This would be great for bonfires and camp fires. Guaranteed to get you laid. This sexy wood will set the romantic atmosphere that your woman has desired for years. Rekindle the flame of love. Also would be great to take the wood and make new pallets and sell them. We are located off of Fulton Industrial Boulevard near Six Flags.

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be my spaceman, land on my moons – w4m

Looking for my Moon Man

I need someone to cross the inky blackness of space and crawl inside my craters. Real explorers only, please. An astronaut needs to hold his breath for 120 seconds -- hint, hint -- and subject themselves to rigourous training, both in theory and in practice. Orbit me. Orbit me for a month, or even just one night. It's been a while, so I'm looking for some groundbreaking missions. I need you to fall into my gravity well. I need you to make me scream "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind!" D/d free, you should be too. Althought I'm not opposed to orbiting at 420 feet.
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Offering full time employment for trap door snails

I have two smallish container ponds on my deck that could use some maintenance workers (I like to think of them like the guys at the apartment complex that come around and keep things tidy)
I heard trap door snails are the best at this (I think they're certified and college educated in waste management) and can live outside year round (hearty and strong like Alaskan men!Don't be gettin cold or nothin)
I found a place online where I can order them but you have to order them by the dozen (like day workers they like to get their friends a job too!!) But I only need like three or four...
Also I hear they reproduce rather quickly (see previous reference to Alaskan men...) and quite frankly I don't want that going on in front of the fish, they've been carefully selected so as to not have little fishies.... I think it's cruel... The snails be playin Marvin Gaye.... breakin out the wine coolers but.... None for you fish!!!.... Harsh.
So if you have some hard workers looking for new digs please let me know... I'll give them free room and board and all the algae they can stomach (do they have stomachs? I've never asked.... seemed forward)
Preferably close to Olympia as I hear they are terrible back seat drivers and hate long drives.
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Eye Candy Lawn Services

Eye Candy Lawn Services is here to assist all the lovely lonely mamas with any special lawn needs.

Why settle for boring white-bread lawn service when you can get a real piece of Eye Candy to take care of it for you?

We here at Eye Candy pride ourselves on not only our deep passion for modeling, but also our dedication to making your lawn or garden looking neat and handsome!

Services include:

The Don Lawn ($40/hr) - mowing

The Fran├žois ($55/hr) - mowing + brush removal/bamboo removal/etc.

The 'Anything-Goes' ($65/hr) - mowing + brush removal/bamboo removal/etc + hedge trimming + weeding + yard trimming packaging

Other flavors include (not pictured)

The King Kamehameha
The Scary Clown
and the Basic (no costume)

Don't miss your opportunity for quality lawn service done by quality ethnically ambiguous male models! Email with questions today!


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Chair that looks like toaster

I built this chair that looks like a toaster. The piece of toast can come out. The toast upper downer handle can move up and down (a bit tough to do though) and it lights up red from the inside. The outside is made of aluminum. It's not super comfortable to sit on but I like to set my laptop on it and listen to music or something.

More of a novelty. I'm moving and need to get it off my hands. If anyone is interested it's for free or for any artist donations you'd like to give.

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Goat wanted for Rap video

Hello, Me and my group of Colleges are looking for a Goat owner to let us use/come see their goat for a video we are making. No this isint a joke. we would like to put "bling" in the style of a clock chain and some avaitor shades on the Goat and "pop bottles" with the goat present. Yes, seriously
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FREE! Go Pro Hero 3+ Black and SPOT GPS Gen 3 and case of beer

Yes it's real.

I'm giving away a free Go Pro Hero 3+ Black with all the accessories... and a Spot GPS.

All you need to do is find them and give me back the footage...

I sent them up on a helium balloon and my gps tracked them for a bit. On it's decent I tracked it near Mount Baker

These are it's last known coordinates:
0-2436620 21/05/2014 13:18 1400678337 49.27393 -123.20114 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 13:28 1400678938 49.27393 -123.20122 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 13:38 1400679537 49.2795 -123.23497 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 16:25 1400689506 49.02835 -122.21693 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 16:34 1400690074 48.96422 -122.06235 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 16:44 1400690674 48.93604 -121.93108 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 16:54 1400691275 48.914 -121.85872 SPOT3 TRACK

I wasn't able to located it at the final coordinate, which most likely means it continued on that trajectory for a maximum of 10 minutes and flipped upside down causing it to be unable to transmit it's final location to satellite.

If you can track down the final resting place of the 36" bright orange parachute and get it back to me they are yours to keep plus I'll give you all the accessories. I just want the footage.

Maybe you know where to get recent satellite imagery and extrapolate a landing area from the data. Maybe you like crazy wilderness adventures and fighting off bears.
Maybe you really like free beer

If you find it but dont want to trek out to it let me know and we can sort out an exchange... or bring it all back to me in Kit's and the deed is yours :)

email me with any questions

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1998 honda accord 3.0 v-tech dually

alright for sale is something that you will never see again
and might have to see to believe. its a highly customized 1998 honda accord.
it has 198k on it. there is a long list of custom work

whelen off road spot lights
44 inch off road spot and flood bar
chevy visor
cab lights
8 cb wips
back up beeper
boat air horns
custom paint
pa speaker
smoke stack exhaust
pintle hitch
rear dually and deally fenders.
dodge tow mirrors

there is nothing wrong with the car just want to see if i can sell it for anything.
will trade or consider reasonable offers.
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